Nasz protest zauważony przez przedstawiciela UNICEF – aktualizacja

Główny przedstawiciel #UNICEF na Polskę Dr Rashed Mustafa Sarwar w swoim wystąpieniu inaugurującym konferencję zauważył obecność protestujących przed budynkiem. Zaprosił do debaty, w ramach której Ruch Ochrony Szkoły złożył jako głos w dyskusji swoje oświadczenie na piśmie na ręce moderatora konferencji z UNICEF.


W dn. 27.03 obaj przedstawiciele UNICEF otrzymali wersję Oświadczenia ROS w języku angielskim drogą mailową.

Dr Rashed Mustafa Sarwar
Koordynator Krajowy UNICEF
Biuro UNICEF ds. Reagowania na Potrzeby Uchodźców w Polsce

Francesco Calcagno
Dyrektor ds. Edukacji
Biuro UNICEF ds. Reagowania na Potrzeby Uchodźców w Polsce


Statement of the School Protection Movement

Movement for the Protection of Schools as a social initiative, bringing together a wide environment of parents, educators, psychologists, education workers, lawyers and doctors, convened a press conference on: “Inclusive ideology destroys Polish education” on March 24, 2023

The choice of the place in front of the building of the University of Warsaw was not accidental, the ROS press conference precedes the International Conference organized in the building of the University of Warsaw by the Ministry of Education and Science with the participation of UNICEF under the name “A child is a child. National Dialogue on Promoting Accessible and Inclusive Education. Participation in the conference has been announced by: the Minister of Education and Science, His Magnificence Rector of the University of Warsaw, Government Plenipotentiary for Inclusive Education, Government Plenipotentiary for People with Disabilities, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Development Funds and Regional Policy of the Republic of Poland, UNICEF representatives, local authorities in the person of vice presidents of cities and numerous promoters of inclusion from home and abroad.

Today, we speak out on behalf of parents and education workers, expressing our opposition to the adopted formula and program of the Conference and the “dialogue on promoting inclusive education”, as they assume the acceptance of inclusive ideology and its systemic implementation in Polish education, for which the European Commission provided PLN 25 billion .

The Movement for the Protection of Schools has repeatedly addressed the topic of inclusive pseudo-education as an ideological supranational project promoted by the UN and the European Union, which is destroying the Polish school, its identity, roots and autonomy. Inclusion, under the banner of an accessible school for all, is intended to revolutionize the entire education system and poses a serious threat to our national sovereignty. The position of the Signatories of the School Protection Movement on the risks of inclusive education is well known to the Ministry of Education and Science. Until today, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has taken the position of a balanced interest in the opinion expressed by the social side.

When, in December 2022, the Minister of Education and Science, Przemysław Czarnek, solemnly assured on TV Trwam and Radio Maryja that further work on inclusive education in Poland would be stopped and our country would not follow the ideological path of the West, we accepted these declarations with hope and good belief. However, the daily school practice of the following months proved that these were only promises. Mass training of teachers in the field of inclusive education continued, and special schools were being prepared for liquidation; even through the tacit acceptance of the Ministry of Education and Science against the discriminatory deprivation of special schools of funds from the European Funds Program 2021-2027, and against accusing these schools of “leading to segregation” under the Partnership Agreement with the EU. Another proof of the hidden bad intentions of the decision-makers is the continuous existence of a draft act on the government’s website that threatens to liquidate the Polish educational system under the name Draft act on support for children, students and families.

Today’s conference deprives parents and education workers who care about the good of the Polish school of any illusions.

We are witnessing the conscious legitimization of the anti-Polish agenda, which leads to the deconstruction of Polish education by representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science, led by the Minister. The simulated dialogue takes place outside the knowledge of the public, in an internal group of inclusive education promoters from government, local government and academic circles, together with external entities, without the active participation and speeches of representatives of educational trade unions and the social side as panellists.

It has been revealed that the Polish government uncritically implements solutions in line with the UN agenda and its representatives, in this case UNICEF, recommended and financed, among others, by by the EU. Let us recall that the equality neo-Marxist projects of the UN and the EU promote the LGBT ideology, the abolition of all taboos in the field of sexuality and the so-called sexual and reproductive health. After disabled and mentally ill children, Ukrainian children in Polish schools are another group cynically used to achieve the goal of building a new, inclusive society – without nationality, identity and sense of existence, ultimately intended to play the role of a cheap and easily controllable workforce.

Already there is a catastrophic decline in the level of teaching and educational requirements, increasing chaos in schools and loosening of discipline, increasing mutual aggression of students and increasing the number of suicides. As a result of ongoing processes and the employment of many inclusive pedagogues and psychologists, while limiting the role and importance of subject teachers, the function of the school is slowly changing from educational to care and therapeutic. In schools, students normally do not follow the curriculum and are often forced to accept drastic dysfunctions and dissimilarities of their disabled colleagues, with whom it is difficult to associate even with adults prepared to work, e.g. with students with intellectual disabilities to a significant degree.

The time of trust in government declarations and promises has passed!

Today we demand from the authorities of the Polish State specific actions, including:

– equipping teachers and principals with effective tools to discipline students,

– maintaining the current formula of the core curriculum for students and the assessment system,

– stop transforming special schools into Specialized Centers for Supporting Inclusive Education and using special school staff for purposes other than caring for students in special schools,

– proper financing of special facilities and their development according to proven solutions,

– amendments to the regulation of the Ministry of Education and Science of 2017, which allows for unlimited and unconditional inclusion in mainstream schools of children with intellectual disabilities and social maladjustment,

– non-use of the so-called functional assessment for all students,

– in justified cases, launching special departments in mainstream schools.

If these conditions are not met, Polish education will be liquidated, despite the reassuring assurances of politicians and officials. The negative experiences of other countries that have followed the path of inclusion should serve as a warning to us.

We appeal to all people of good will to support our demands. Let’s stop inclusive ideology!

Let’s save the Polish school!

On behalf of the Signatories of the School Protection Movement


Magdalena Czarnik – Parents Protect Children Association

Magdalena Chmielewska – Responsible Gdańsk Association

Hanna Dobrowolska – educational expert

Warsaw March 24, 2023



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